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Alvin B. Williams DDS

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The primary goal of Dr. Williams and his staff is to offer personalized care. We are committed to excellence and long-term relationships. This level of care is offered in a soothing environment, utilizing the latest in technology. This allows you to achieve the highest quality care and service that dentistry now has to offer.

Cosmetic procedures provided by Dr. Williams and his staff includes Six Month Smiles, whitening, bonding, porcelain crowns, and replacement of silver (amalgam) fillings. We will evaluate your smiles and discuss options for enhancing your smile.

The office of Dr. Williams uses Digital Radiography (X-ray) technology. Digital radiographs require reduced radiation exposure to the patient. The radiographs are printable and available to use in satisfying your insurance requirements. Intra oral cameras are available in each operatory. Monitors are also available in each operatory to allow the patient to see images at chair side to assist in explaining the care suggested to the patient.

Dr. Williams employs restorative procedures using tooth colored materials (composites/resins), and porcelain. We do not place amalgam restorations in our practice.

One of our primary goals at the office is to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. However, if a tooth is beyond saving, it will need to be replaced as teeth need each other for support, to prevent shifting and aid in chewing. Dr. Williams places crowns, bridges, dentures and implants.

Dr. Williams and his staff provide complete comprehensive exams.We provide our clients with guides to preventative dental healthcare and maintenance programs. New materials  and technology allow our patients to enhance their smiles, but proper care and maintenance are essential to long lasting satisfaction and dental health.

Dr. Williams and his staff perform minor surgical procedures. To better serve the patient we refer extensive procedures to an Oral Surgeon. We believe that those procedures should be performed by a specialist.

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